Previously Identified Projects
The Master Plan will identify transportation projects to better serve the mobility needs of commerce and the traveling public within the Elwood/Joliet region, as well as the future growth in commerce that is anticipated by the Will County Community Friendly Freight Mobility Plan.

The final list of projects will represent the area’s consensus on which projects to pursue, regardless of jurisdiction/ownership, to ensure a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system to support the Elwood/Joliet region of Will County.

The project team is taking a multi-prong approach to understanding investment needs, including:

• Reviewing previously planned projects
• Analyzing existing conditions, including traffic counts and design features, at Study Area intersections
• Completing traffic demand modeling and gathering
• Interviewing key stakeholders in the Study Area

First, the project team compiled an initial list of 39 projects that were identified in previous planning efforts or are currently programmed for implementation in the next few years. These projects were selected from the following existing plans and capital improvement programs:

• Will County Long-Range Transportation Plan (Will Connects 2040)
• Will County Community Friendly Freight Mobility Plan
• CMAP’s Regional Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
• Will County 2019 Construction Projects (Will County Division of Transportation)
• City of Joliet

The map below depicts the location of these previously identified projects. (Please click on the graphic for a downloadable version). Each project on the map has a number corresponding to the “Map ID Number” in the Project List table. The Project List table contains detailed information about each project.
All Project Map

Project list

List of Potential Projects

List of Potential Projects