Another approach to understanding investment needs is to analyze key intersections. Intersections are often key locations for congestion and safety issues. Addressing needs at key intersections can improve the performance of the larger transportation network.

As part of the Master Plan, a set of 12 intersections was identified based on safety and congestion needs for additional evaluation. The intersections were analyzed using various data, including average daily traffic (ADT) volumes, truck volumes, high truck percentages, congestion, and the number of truck-involved crashes. The intersection analysis results can be viewed here. This analysis was used to inform the development of the Transportation Improvement Program.

These locations are presented in alphabetical order below:Intersection Map Study

1. CenterPoint Way at Millsdale Rd
2. CenterPoint Way at Schweitzer Rd
3. Elwood Int’l Port Rd at Arsenal Rd
4. Elwood Int’l Port Rd at Walter Strawn Dr
5. Elwood Int’l Port Rd at Mississippi Ave
6. IL 53 (Chicago Street) at Laraway Rd
7. IL 53 (Chicago St) at Doris Ave
8. IL 53 (Chicago St) at Mills Rd
9. IL 53 (Chicago Street) at Patterson Rd
10. IL 53 (Chicago St) at W Manhattan Rd
11. SW Frontage Rd at Arsenal Rd
12. US 52 at Laraway Road



Truck Crashes and Congestion Map

Crash Map