The Treasurer is elected by the People of Will County and commissioned by the Governor to be the county’s Chief Financial Officer.  The Treasurer, with the assistance of his professional staff, receives tax revenue and other public money, safely keeps those funds, and disburses that money pursuant to the law.

Simply put, the Treasurer is responsible for the safety and security of county tax dollars—now and in the future.

We do this in a variety of ways.

  • Manage the cash flow of all major county accounts with deposits, withdrawals, and transfers totaling nearly $750-million in 2012.
  • Invest the county’s operating cash in short-term, interest-bearing accounts that preserve our ability to access the funds.
  • Issue and manage all of the county’s debt with bond sales that finance major projects.

In addition, the Treasurer provides guidance for the management of long-term debt and investments with the assistance of the Will County Board’s Finance Committee.

Annual Report to the County Board

The Treasurer produces an annual report to the County Board describing the amount of money, county orders, jury certificates, and other funds the office received during the year.  This report is available for public inspection at the Treasurer’s office as well as online.

Monthly Report of Financial Status

Similar to the Annual Report, the Treasurer files a monthly report with the County Clerk and County Executive summarizing the financial status of the office.  This report also is available for public inspection at the Treasurer’s office or online.

Our Mission

As Will County’s chief financial officer, Steve Weber is dedicated to providing reliable banking services for county agencies, secure investment of your tax dollars, and trustworthy accounting services that provide transparency for county residents.

To the official website of Will County Treasurer Steve Weber, please click here.


Real Estate Tax Payments - The Treasurer's Office is responsible for collecting real estate property taxes. Real Estate Property Owners may pay real estate taxes at the Treasurer's Office located in the Will County Office Building located at 302 N. Chicago Street, Joliet. For more information concerning real estate property tax payments or tax bill inquiries please click here.