Safe Disposal Quick Tips
  • Do NOT flush medication down the drain or toilet.
  • Do NOT put medications directly into the trash.
  • Do NOT store unwanted/unused medications in the home.
  • DO bring accepted medications* to designated drop-off sites (see map below) or take-back events.

Medication Take-Back

Safe Medication Disposal

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), any used, expired, or unwanted medications should NOT be disregarded down the drain, as they may pose a health and safety risk to people or the environment. Unused medications should also NOT be stored at home, as they may be used by mistake or intentionally by someone experiencing substance use issues.

Designated drop-off sites, take-back events and mail-back programs are the safest way to dispose of unused medications. In Will County many pharmacies and law enforcement agencies accept drop-offs of medications, although many do not opioids or other controlled substances. Residents may dispose of thes medications at periodic take-back events hosted by Will County.

See the map below for medication drop-off locations that accept many types of unused medications.*

*Most locations cannot accept sharps (needles), narcotics/opioids, or other controlled substances. These materials are accepted for safe disposal at periodic take-back events hosted by Will County and local law enforcement agencies.

Will County Medication Drop-off Sites