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Will County Animal Control Urges Pet Safety Ahead of Fireworks Displays
Mike Theodore

Will County Animal Control Urges Pet Safety Ahead of Fireworks Displays

Will County Animal Control is urging residents to consider the impact of fireworks on pets ahead of the Independence Day weekend. Fireworks displays can result in pets becoming overwhelmed and stressed, resulting in them running away from home.

“Animal shelters across the county are gearing up for a busy holiday period, with increases in lost pets expected in the days surrounding July 4th,” said Will County Animal Control Administrator Anna Payton. “I urge residents to be proactive in keeping their pets safe ahead of parties and planned fireworks displays this long holiday weekend.”

Will County Animal Control joins the Humane Society of the United States in recommending several steps to help keep pets safe and comfortable:

  • Leave pets at home and inside - Fireworks can be terrifying to pets, including those who are accustomed to being around people and commotion.
  • Create a home sanctuary - Secure your pet in an area of your home where they are safe, comfortable and sheltered from any outside noise and lights. An interior room without immediate access to the outside is preferred. Playing relaxing music or videos may help mask the sound of fireworks.
  • Plan Ahead – Ensure your pet gets plenty of exercise during the day to help them rest when fireworks begin in the evening. Take dogs out for an early walk.
  • Pet-proof your home - When scared, some animals may become destructive. Be sure to remove anything from reach that can become damaged or may harm the pet if chewed or eaten.
  • Identification is essential - Pets may panic, escape, and become lost. Updated identification is critical to ensuring lost pets are reunited with their families. Ideal identification includes both a tag and microchip (make sure your chip is registered).
  • Consult a veterinarian for pets with anxiety - Consult your veterinarian to seek out remedies to lower your pet’s stress level if this is a known issue.

“While a time of celebration for our nation, fireworks can cause stress for local pets,” added County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant. “Also, I urge residents to take additional safety measures, leaving fireworks to the professionals, to limit the accidents associated with them.”

To help residents easily find planned fireworks displays, the Will County GIS Division has prepared an interactive map. Residents should look ahead to local websites to monitor weather-related cancellations. The map can be found at: https://webapp.willcountyillinois.com/fourthofjuly.html


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