Contact Information

Sunny Hill TB Clinic
503 Ella Avenue Suite 2 | view map
Joliet, IL  60433

Sunny Hill Tuberculosis Sanatorium and Clinic Board Members

Douglas Ruth - Board President
James D. Wright, MD
Dr. John Walsh, MD
Kathleen Wolz, DPN, NP
Douglas Hoag, Pastor

TB Clinic Administrative Staff

Administrator: Joyce Reliford-Parker, BSN, MSN Administraor

Medical Director: Dr. Dan Garganera​, Medical Director

Sunny Hill Tuberculosis Clinic

About Us

The Sunny Hill Tuberculosis Clinic is an outpatient medical facility servicing the residents of Will County.  The clinic has the legal responsibility for tuberculosis control and prevention.  The TB Clinic is responsible for surveillance, contact follow-up, training and education, monitoring and evaluation of case management for Latent and Active Tuberculosis.

Treatment and care of afflicted and suspected patient is provided by an infectious disease physician who clinically evaluates, diagnoses and prescribes medication and follow-up care.  Prevention programs are provided to health agencies, schools, and the general public.

The TB (Tuberculosis) Clinic is on the campus of the Will County Health Complex located at Doris and Neal Avenue in Joliet, IL. The TB (Tuberculosis) Clinic is a separate building in the back parking lot next to 501 Ella Avenue, Joliet, IL .

Hours of Operation

TB Testing: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
X-rays: By appointment only

**Please check to see if the services you require are available that day**