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Local residents appointed to Will County Boards & Commissions

At the Feb. 18 meeting, the Will County Board approved three residents appointed by Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant to serve on county boards and commissions.

Black Walnut Creek Drainage District

Adam Marcukaitis has been appointed to serve on the Black Walnut Creek Drainage District commission until Sept. 6, 2022. Marcukaitis is a resident of Peotone and currently works for a local landscaping company. He has experience in drainage field tiles, erosion control, and brush removal.
Monee Fire Protection District

Gustave Bettenhausen has been appointed to the Monee Fire Protection District. A 40+ year resident, he is a local business owner and plans to bring insight from the business community and local residents to the board.

Rockdale Fire Protection District

Michael Vangelisti, a 20-year veteran of the Rockdale Fire Protection District, has been appointed to serve on the Rockdale Fire Protection District board. He plans to use his experience in the day to day operations of the fire department to help guide decisions as a member of the board.

Public involvement is an essential part of the entities that oversee operations within county government. Will County welcomes residents to have a voice in the management of local infrastructure and future plans of the county. Will County residents interested in the work of the boards and commissions that play a big part in county government may access information at this link: https://www.willcountyillinois.com/County-Offices/Boards-And-Commissions.

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