Mobile Home Tax Payment Information

  • Mobile homes are billed for the current calendar year in February with an April due date.
  • Mobile home taxes are assessed based on the model year and square footage of the mobile home. See Mobile Home Rate Chart.
  • A penalty will be assessed on unpaid taxes after the due date.
  • Cash, checks or Visa/Mastercard/Discover in office. Online payment: E-check or various credit cards. A fee of 2.28% will apply to all credit/debit payments.
  • A lien will be recorded against any mobile home owner whose Mobile Home Local Services Tax is unpaid as of the last payment date of the year.
  • A penalty of $25.00 per month (up to a maximum of half the tax amount) will be assessed on unpaid taxes after the due date.
    1. Liens are recorded at the Will County Recorder of Deeds Office 158 N. Scott St., Joliet, IL 60432.
    2. Lien releases require that taxes be paid in full and a $10.00 fee be submitted to Will County Treasurer, 302 N. Chicago St., Joliet, IL 60432 for preparation of the lien release document.
    3. The customer is responsible for recording the release and any subsequent fees at the Will County Recorder of Deeds Office.


Mobile Home Service Fees
Mobile Home Tax Certification $10.00
Duplicate Bill/Statement (per year) $5.00
Demolition Permit $5.00
Lien Release Preparation $10.00
Moving Permit $10.00
Paid Taxes/Copy of Receipts (per year) $5.00
Mobile Home FAQ's


Mobile Homes located in a Mobile Home Park:

Are taxed per The Mobile Home Local Services Tax Act. The party that owns the mobile home, not the real estate property owner, will receive a mobile home tax bill based on the model year and square footage of the mobile home.  Please be aware that the owner of the mobile home and the real property owner will not be the same in this case.

Mobile Homes located on privately owned lots:

Prior to January 1, 2011 mobile homes located on privately owned lots were taxed according to The Mobile Home Local Services Tax Act and will continue to be taxed this way until there is some change in ownership. Please be aware that the mobile home owner may not be the same as the property owner.

As of January 1, 2011 mobile homes located on privately owned lots are assessed by the township assessor and taxed under the real estate tax system.

  • Mobile homes owned prior to this law change are grandfathered into The Mobile Home Local Services Tax Act until such time as there is a change in ownership – including title change. At the time of ownership change, they should begin to be assessed according to real estate assessment guidelines.

Elder Cottage Housing Opportunities (E.C.H.O.):

Under special circumstances, a mobile home with an annual special use permit from Will County Land Use may be temporarily located on a privately owned parcel as a related living secondary structure (E.C.H.O. housing). These mobile homes are taxed under The Mobile Home Local Services Act and not as part of the real estate assessment.

E.C.H.O. housing is a program designed to provide temporary assisted living accommodations for immediate relatives of the property owner who are unable to live independently.

This program is administered by The Will County Land Use Department, 58 E. Clinton, Joliet, IL 60432 and must be renewed through their office annually. Please contact Land Use for details.

Mobile homes are titled by the State of Illinois Department Of Motor Vehicles much the same way as an automobile. Titles are issued by the State of Illinois and any title changes or duplicate titles must be obtained from the Illinois Secretary of State.

Illinois State Statute (35ILCS515/11) requires that a mobile home being moved a distance greater than one mile must have a mobile home moving permit issued by the County Treasurer’s Office confirming The Mobile Home Local Services Tax is paid up to date.

To issue this permit the will county treasurer’s office requires:
• Copy of current title or certificate of origin
• $10.00 fee

The Will County Treasurer’s Office will provide the original permit to the requester and forward a copy to The Will County Highway Department.

The mobile home moving permit can be found here MOBILE HOME MOVING PERMIT.

(35 ILCS 515/12) Sec. 12. It shall be a Class B misdemeanor to fail to submit information required under this Act or to knowingly submit any false information under this Act.

Here you will find a variety of information to help in the Mobile Home process.

Click here to review The Mobile Home Local Services Tax Act


  • All taxes must be paid in full
  • Copy of the front and back of the current title
  • Fee (payable prior to issuance of certification)

All fees must be paid in advance of receiving requested documents.  Click here for the MH INFORMATION REQUEST FORM.

Mobile Home Tax Certification $10.00
Paid Taxes/Copy of Receipt (per year) $5.00
Duplicate Tax Bills (per year) $5.00
Lien Release Preparation $10.00
 Moving Permit $10.00
Demolition Permit $5.00

If any mobile home has been removed from your township or there has been an ownership change in your township, please submit the appropriate MOBILE HOME REGISTRATION FORM or MOBILE HOME AFFIDAVIT FORM.


Please be aware that per Illinois State Statute, the MOBILE HOME PARK is responsible for updating information on any mobile home located in the mobile home park within 30 days of any change in ownership or residency. Once billed, mobile home taxes will not be adjusted or vacated. The mobile home park will be responsible for any delay caused by incomplete paperwork.