Key C-PACE Benefits for Property Owners and Contractors

Contractor installing wall insulatioon

Commercial and industrial property owners who finance improvements through C-PACE have much to gain from participation:

  • Non-recourse financing for up to 100% of hard and soft project costs up to the estimated useful life of the improvements (30 years maximum)
  • Long-term, fixed-interest rates
  • Reduced operating costs and capital expenditure budget (upgrades paid through operating savings)
  • Potential to generate net positive cash flow on certain improvements in first year
  • Increased property value, extended building lifespan, reduced carbon footprint (for clean energy upgrades), and enhanced occupant experience
  • Transfer of assessment upon sale to the next property owner (assessments run with the land)
  • Option for property owner to pass through C-PACE assessment payments to tenants (if permitted by lease agreement)
  • Potential to qualify for off balance sheet treatment (if recommended by accounting advisor)

Contractors, energy engineers, and project developers who register with IECA PACE also receive several benefits:

  • New sales opportunities and greater business growth
  • Opportunities to install large scale, comprehensive upgrades with longer payback periods
  • No-cost trainings offered by the IECA

Property owners interested in initiating a C-PACE project can learn more details in the “C-PACE Process” and “Other Resources” subpages, or contact info@IECAPace.org.

Contractors interested in registering with the IECA can fill out an application here or contact Contractor@IECAPace.org for more information.