CDBG/HOME Advisory Board

The primary purpose of the Advisory Board is to annually accept and review applications for funding assistance for the CDBG and HOME programs. Advisory Board members review applications and staff recommendations, hold public hearings, as required, and forward funding recommendations to the Will County Executive Committee for action by the full County Board .

The Advisory Board, consisting of 15 members, is comprised of:

  • Four county representatives identified as County Executive; County Board Speaker; Majority Leader; Minority Leader;
  • Two representatives from the Will County Home Consortium, those representatives being the Mayor of the City of Joliet and the Mayor of the Village of Bolingbrook or their designee;
  • Two representatives from Will County not-for-profit agencies (“Community Agency Representatives”);
  • Seven representatives who meet any of the following criteria:
    • An elected member of a township board, city council, ward, or village board;
    • A Will County community leader who resides in the county and/or directs a Will County social service agency;

Current Advisory Board Members

Meeting Schedule
February: Policy and Procedure Review Meeting;
May: Review of CDBG/HOME/ESG Applications;
June: Public Hearing & recommendation of Draft Action Plan & CDBG and HOME program grant awards;
December: Public Hearing & review of Annual Performance Reports;

CDBG/HOME Advisory Board Meetings:

February 2, 2023 Advisory Board Meeting and Public Hearing, 2:00

In person for Advisory Board members in the County Board Rm. at 302 N. Chicago St. Joliet, IL., 2nd floor

Public Access Link:  https://willcountyillinois.webex.com/willcountyillinois/onstage/g.php?MTID=e590f12afcea4788ffa92327e578bb36e