Purpose: The Will County Stormwater Management Planning Committee aims to consolidate and coordinate existing stormwater management programs and activities into an effective unified countywide structure; prevent increases in stormwater-related problems associated with development, re-development and other watershed activities; remediate existing problems related to improper management of stormwater runoff and encroachment into flood prone areas; and ensure maintenance, management, and sustainable operation of natural and manmade stormwater drainage and storage features

Authority: 55 ILCS 5/5-1062.2 and CB Resolution 13-263

Contact: Dawn Tomczak

Phone #: (815) 740-3361

Fax #: 815-727-8638

Email: dtomczak@willcountylanduse.com

Composition: Will County Stormwater Management Committee By-Laws Article III: The committee shall consist of twenty-two (22) voting members. (A) County Members: Eleven  (11) members shall be appointed by the County Executive from the appropriate County board districts. (B) Municipal Members: Eleven (11) members shall be representatives of Will County municipalities, one from each County Board district. They shall be appointed by a majority vote of the mayors of those municipalities which have the greatest percentage of their respective populations residing in each of the said eleven County Board districts. (C) Alternates: One alternate member per County Board district may be designated by each appointing authority as defined in Article III Section 1. (D) Advisory Members: Advisory members may be appointed through a subsequent resolution by the majority vote of the twenty-two (22) Committee members. The Advisory members shall be non-voting members and their advisory roles and capacity shall be established by the Committee at the time of appointment.

Meeting Date/Time: 1st Tuesday of every month at 10:00am Location: Will County Office Building (County Board Room) 302 N. Chicago St. in Joliet

Compensation: none

Web Page: CountyOffices > EconomicDevelopment > StormwaterManagementPlanningCommittee

Notes: To view members by District, please click the above link.

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Stormwater Management Planning Committee Members

NameDistrictSorted By District In Ascending OrderRep. Type
Robert Howard01County
DJ Kruzel01Municipal
James Moustis02County
Jonathan Dykstra, CFM03Municipal
Tom Pawlowicz04Municipal
Bill Alstrom05County
Randall Jessen05Municipal
Paul Buss06County
Ed Dolezal06Municipal
Norbert Likar09County
Ken Carroll09Municipal
Joe Hadamik10County
Scott Gapsevich, PE10Municipal
Theresa O'Grady11County
Raymond Fano11Municipal
Tom Weigel12County
Will Nash12Municipal
William Lamb13Municipal