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Development Review Division
58 E. Clinton Street, Suite 100
Joliet, IL 60423
815-727-8638 (fax)


The Development Review Division supports and assists the Land Use and Development Committee, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Will County Stormwater Management Planning Committee by administering and implementing the Will County ordinances and adopted plans listed below:

Current Planning & Zoning

The Current Planning & Zoning Section of the Development Review Division is responsible for administration of the Will County Zoning Ordinance, Land Resource Management Plan, and many other land use plans and ordinances. Many of the specific responsibilities include the following:

Acceptance and Processing of Zoning Applications. Staff members assist applicants in understanding the procedure for applying for map amendments, special use permits and variances. All applications are filed with the Current Planning & Zoning Section where the appropriate fees are collected and the application is reviewed.

Review and Approval of Applications for Building Permits. All applications for a building permit are reviewed by the Current Planning & Zoning Section to determine compliance with the Zoning Ordinance. The review includes confirming zoning district requirements, building setbacks and proposed uses.

Implementation of Plans. Current Planning & Zoning Section staff are also tasked to incorporate the Goals, Strategies, Planning Principles, and Action Initiatives found in the Will County's planning documents such as the Land Resource Management Plan.

Provide staff services for committees. Current Planning & Zoning Section staff provide staff reports and draft official minutes for both the Planning and Zoning Commission and Land Use and Development Committee of the Will County Board. Upcoming agendas for these review bodies are available.

Other Administrative Duties. The Planning & Zoning staff assists applicants with administrative variances and with temporary permits for uses authorized in the Zoning Ordinance. The Planning & Zoning Division also maintains for public inspection the County's official zoning maps and all official records pertaining to the Zoning Ordinance.

Subdivision Engineering

The Subdivision Engineering section is responsible for the Subdivision and Platting Process, which includes Preliminary Plats, Improvement Plans, Final Plat, Subdivision Guarantee (Letter of Credit), and Construction Observation.

This group also reviews all projects and developments through the use of Site Development Permits and Site Plans, checking for compliance with federal, state, and locally accepted grading, drainage, soil erosion, floodplain, wetland, and building and construction standards.

The Subdivision Engineering acts in a liaison capacity between the County's affairs and various committees and agencies such as the County Board, Stormwater Committee, Local Highway Commissioners, utility companies, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Subdivision Engineering Section administers the following Will County ordinances:

Will County Subdivision Ordinance
Will County Comprehensive Storm water Management Plan 
Water Resource Ordinance for Unincorporated Will County

Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) promotes and assists in the preservation of Will County's rural heritage through the identification, evaluation, and documentation of Will County's historic landmarks, and thereby increases and encourages public awareness of and appreciation for Will County's history and historic landscape.