Utility Permits

Utility - Includes permits for public and private utilities for the following:

A utility permit shall be required for reconstruction, relocation, repair, maintenance, modification, removal, upgrade, or any and all forms of work relating to an existing utility, or any and all forms of work relating to construction or placement of a new utility within the right-of-way of any county highway.


A single service connection is limited to connection to a utility for a single residence.


Utility Fees

  • Utility Permit


  • Single Service Tap-On


  • Traffic Signal Modification


  • Open Cut Charge

$700 + $25/ft2 of opened pavement

All utility permits associated with a County construction project or utilizing County funds will be exempt from all fees.

Renewal or Extension of Any Permit Type ............................................$100


Review Cost - Permit types marked with an (*) asterisk may require additional pass-through consultant review and observation costs. Permit fees that include a base fee plus other costs must be discussed with the Permit Staff to determine the total fee.

Fees for Local Government Agencies – A permit is required for all work within the County right-of-way, including work performed or sponsored by a local government agency. Application fees will be waived for a permit for a local government agency when the work is to repair or update existing utilities or facilities or when the work is done under a local government agency contract. Application fees will be charged when the work is for the promotion of future development and for which the work is being performed by the developer and not under a local government agency contract. The waiver of the Application Fee will be at the discretion of the County Engineer.

Fines - In addition to the permit application fee, a fine will be assessed when work, event or activity within the County right-of-way requiring a permit has commenced without a permit. The amount of the fine will be as specified in Section 56.033 of the Will County Code of Ordinances.  Failure to pay a fine will bring about legal action and/or a draw against the associated letter of credit.

Applicants should use caution in interpreting the information herein above. The Applicant shall not assume that a permit is not required if there is no fee or if the fee is waived by the County Engineer. Any questions should be addressed to the Permit Section Staff.