Small Cell Wireless Permits

Includes permits for the following:

  • Small Cell facilities
  • Distributed antenna system
  • Other wireless telecommunication facility installations within the county ROW

Application Fees, Other Fees and Fines

  • Small Cell Wireless Permit $450

Below are some of the required documents to submit with the application. Be sure to consult the Will County Wireless Ordinance for further guidance:

  • Site-specific structural loading analysis;
  • A line-of-sight analysis;
  • A location map showing where each proposed wireless telecommunication facility or structure would be installed;
  • Photographs of the location and its immediate surroundings depicting the structure on which the location where structures would be installed as well as the existing conditions prior to submitting an application;
  • Exhibit showing the location where each facility would be installed, including height, off-sets and volumetrics (cubic Ft) for each of the system components;
  • Specifications and drawings prepared by a structural engineer for each proposed wireless telecommunication facility covered by the application, if approved;
  • Engineer’s estimate of the cost of all required work, including restoration;
  • Certification that the collocation complies with the Will County Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Ordinance, Frequency Interference Requirements, to the best of the applicant's knowledge;
  • Legally competent evidence of the consent of the owner of the structure that collocation is proposed upon (for installation on non-County owned infrastructure)
  • Application Fee per the fee schedule provided in the Ordinance;
  • A make-ready analysis prepared by a structural engineer;

Fines – In addition to the permit application fee, a fine will be assessed when work, event or activity within the County right-of-way requiring a permit has commenced without a permit.  The amount of the fine will be equal to the amount of the applicable permit fee.  A fine will also be assessed according to the appropriate section (currently 108.09) of the IDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction for failure to complete work on time when working days utilized.  Failure to pay a fine will bring about legal action and/or a draw against the associated letter of credit.


Applicants should use caution in interpreting the information herein above. The Applicant shall not assume that a permit is not required if there is no fee or if the fee is waived by the County Engineer.  Any questions should be addressed to the Permit Section Staff.