Purpose: The Workforce Investment Board of Will County plays a key role in the economic development of our County. The Board brings together a myriad of employment, training, and educational services, transforming them into a comprehensive and easily accessed system that supports the development of a world-class workforce. The Board builds the workforce system to develop quality employees for employers and to develop quality opportunities for employees. This system makes it easy for business to make connections with a qualified pool of applicants and to access other workforce development services. This system is also intended to make it easy for people to learn about and access a broad range of employment, education, and related services.

Authority: Workforce Innovation and Opporunity Act of 2014, HR803

Contact: Caroline Portlock

Phone #: (815) 727-5670

Fax #: (815) 361-0999

Email: cportlock@willcountyillinois.com


Meeting Date/Time: Full Board meets every other month on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 am at the Workforce Center of Will County located at 2400 Glenwood Avenue, Joliet, IL 60435 - 2018 Schedule: February 26, 2018; April 9, 2018; June 11, 2018; August 13, 2018; October 15, 2018; December 10, 2018.

Compensation: none

Web Page:

Notes: Mission: The Board, in collaboration with our private and public sector partners, will successfully lead the creation and implementation of dynamic systems that meet the area's specific workforce needs.


Name  Term Ends  Position
Rocky Caylor   3/30/22   Business Representative - Cadence Premier Logistics
Damian McDonald   9/1/23   Gov't/Economic/Community Development Representative
Tracy Ardis   9/30/21   Business Representative
J. David Conterio   9/30/21   Business Representative
Susan Flessner   9/30/21   One Stop Partner Representative
Linda Guerrero   9/30/21   Workforce Representative - Illinois Department of Employment Security
Kraig Kistinger   9/30/21   Business Representative
Pat Mudron   9/30/21   Business Representative
James Rink   9/30/21   Business Representative
Gerardo Ruiz   9/30/21   Gov't/Economic/Community Development Representative
Suzanne Sallay   9/30/21   Business Representative
Michele Smith   9/30/21   Education & Training Representative
Kurt Trost   9/30/21   Business Representative
Gloria Dollinger   9/30/22   Business Representative-Community Foundation of Will County
Doc Gregory   9/30/22   Workforce Representative
John Greuling   9/30/22   Business Representative/Economic Development Representative
Rita Herrick   9/30/22   Business Representative
Paul Lauridsen   9/30/22   Workforce Representative
Judith Mitchell   9/30/22   Education and Training Representative
Mike Paone   9/30/22   Business Representative
Ben Stortz   9/30/22   Workforce Representative - Cornerstone Services
Dr. Shawn Walsh   9/30/22   Workforce Representative
Herbert Brooks   9/30/23   Will County Board
Jayme Cain-Casimere   9/30/23   Business Representative
Elizabeth Gonzalez   9/30/23   Business Representative
Maribeth Hearn   9/30/23   Business Representative
Carlos Interial   9/30/23   Business Representative
Cornell D. Lurry Sr.   9/30/23   Business Representative
Josh Potter   9/30/23   Business Representative
Andy Rico   9/30/23   Workforce Representative
James Tromp   9/30/23   Business Representative