Purpose: Constructing, aquiring, enlarging, repairing or replacing specific public improvements to buildings or facilities

Authority: 50 ILCS 20

Contact: PBC office

Phone #: (815) 727-8901

Fax #:

Email: pbc@willcountyillinois.com

Composition: (3) County appointed members and (2) City of Joliet appointees. Must be a resident of the county in which they are commissioned.

Meeting Date/Time: 2nd Wednesday quarterly (January, April, July & October) at 8:30 am Location: Will County Office Building 302 N. Chicago Street, 2nd Floor, Joliet, IL 60432

Compensation: none

Web Page:



Name  Term Ends  Position
VACANT     Member- Will County Appointee
Doc Gregory   8/16/21   Member- City of Joliet appointee
Ned Masters   8/16/21   Member- City of Joliet appointee
Joe Strong   9/30/19   Member- Will County appointee
Collette Safford   9/30/23   Member- Will County Appointee