Purpose: ARTICLE I - PURPOSE SECTION A.The Will County Emergency Telephone System Board (hereinafter referred to as the "ETSB") is established pursuant to Chapter 50, Illinois Compiled Statutes, Act 750, for the purposes set forth in 50 ILCS 750/1 and 50 ILCS 751/5 and pursuant to Resolutions 89-193 and 89-213 of the Will County Board, adopted August 17, 1989, Resolution 90-11 of the Will County Board adopted January 18, 1990, Resolution 96-135 adopted June 20, 1996, Resolution 02-82 adopted February 21, 2002, and Resolution 07-415 adopted November 6, 2007 and Resolution 10- 96 adopted March 18, 2010, such resolutions sometimes being collectively referred to as the "Resolutions". SECTION B.The County Executive is the appointing authority for the ETSB with the advice and consent of the Will County Board as determined in accordance with 50 ILCS 750/15.4, as amended and supplemented and Will County Board Resolution 07-415, as amended and supplemented. ARTICLE II POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE BOARDThe powers and duties of the ETSB shall be those powers and duties necessary and incidental to carry out the purposes and responsibilities of the ETSB provided by Chapter 50, Illinois Compiled Statutes, Act 750, as amended and supplemented (50 ILCS 750/0.61 et. seq.), and Chapter 50, Illinois Compiled Statutes, Act 751, as amended and supplemented (50 ILCS 751/1 et. seq.) and pursuant to the Resolutions referred to in Article I, Section A above.

Authority: 50 ILCS 750

Contact: Anthony Marzano

Phone #: (815) 725-1911

Fax #:

Email: amarzano@willcounty9-1-1.com

Composition: ARTICLE III -MEMBERSHIP SECTION A. Membership on the ETSB shall consist of seventeen (17) members appointed to represent the following:One Member each from the Will County Board, Will County Executive Office, Will County Emergency Management Agency, ETSB Technology Advisory Committee, and Citizen at Large; eight (8) Members from the Will County Emergency Telephone System 9-1-1 PSAP Centers; and two (2) Members from the County Wide Fire Services and two (2) Members from the County Wide Law Enforcement Services, respectively.

Meeting Date/Time: Board Meetings - Bi-monthly on the 4th Thursday of even numbered months except for December. Committee Meetings – Bi-monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of even numbered month except for December. Held at 9:00 a.m. in the Will County Office Building, 2nd Floor, 302 N. Chicago St., Joliet, IL 60432

Compensation: none

Web Page:

Notes: www.willcounty9-1-1.com


Name  Term Ends  Position
Sean Fierce   1/31/25   Member
Ronald Huff   1/31/25   Member
Meta Mueller   1/31/25   Member
Michael O'Connor   1/31/25   Member
Andrea Delap   1/31/26   Member
Mike Mahoney   1/31/26   Member - County Executive
Tom Murray   1/31/26   Member
Denise Pavlik   1/31/26   Member
Jason Donisch   1/32/26   Chair
Todd Fonfara   2/1/24   Vice-Chair
Michael Hennessy   2/1/24   Member
Brian Truhlar   2/1/24   Member