Purpose: Governing arm of the Will County Community Health Center.

Authority: 55 ILCS 5/5-25001

Contact: June Reisner

Phone #: 815-774-4473

Fax #:

Email: jreisner@willcountyhealth.org

Composition: The Council shall consist of between 9-15 voting members. Patient Board Members- majority of the Council members shall be individuals who are served by the Center [WCCHC] and who, as a group, represent that populations served in terms of demographic factors, such as race, ethinicity, and gender. Non-Patient Board Members: no more than one-half of remaining non-patient members [...] may [...] derive more than 10 percent of their anual income from health care industry (provide medical services, manufacture medical equipment, and/or develop pharmaceuticals). County Executive, with approval of the Will County Board, may appoint one-quarter of the members.

Meeting Date/Time: 1st Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm - Location: Will County Community Health Center 1106 Neal Ave. in Joliet

Compensation: none

Web Page:

Notes: The center is a private not for profit entity incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois. The governing Council of the Center has entered into a written agreement with the Will County Board of Health to jointly accomplish the objectives.


Name  Term Ends  Position
Cindy Brassea   4/1/24   Patient Member, Vice Chairman
Michael Crowner   4/1/24   Non-Patient Member
Edith Cline-Kabba   4/1/25   Patient Member
Judith Easley   4/1/25   Non-Patient Member
Marie Lindsey   4/1/25   Patient Member
Nicole Luebke   4/1/25   Patient Member
Vernice Warren   4/1/25   Patient Member
Alan Dyche   4/1/26   Non- Patient Member, Treasurer
Paul Lauridsen   4/1/26   Patient Member, Chairman