Purpose: The mission of the Will County Center for Community Concerns, Inc. is to assist and enable low and moderate- income individuals to obtain the opportunities needed to prepare themselves for self sufficiency.Activities involved in the fulfillment of the agency mission include, but are not limited to the following: Involve the low income in the development and implementation of programs which encourage self-sufficiency. Research and apply for grants from all sources: federal, state, local, and private.Coordinate and participate in networks of governmental and other social service entities in order to maximize effectiveness of service delivery.Conduct research to expand the knowledge base of problems faced by the low income and develop and test innovative solutions which meet the critical service needs of the low income and/or provide permanent improvements in living conditions.


Contact: Kris White

Phone #: (815) 722-0722

Fax #:

Email: kwhite@wcccc.net

Composition: Article V of WCCCC By-Laws - Board Composition: One-third (5) of the members are to be elected public officials currently holding public office, or their representatives. One-third (5) members are to be representative of business, industry, labor, religious, welfare, or other private groups. One-third (5) members of the board shall be persons chosen to represent the low income and economically disadvantaged population.

Meeting Date/Time: Quarterly Meetings- 2nd Wednesday (March, June, September & December) at 5:00pm Location: Will County Center for Community Concerns 304 N. Scott St. in Joliet *Note: December Meeting time and location TBD.

Compensation: none

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Notes: www.wcccc.net

Name  Term Ends  Position
Ron Alberico   Ongoing   Board Member
Frank Fleischer   Ongoing   Board Member
Glenn Ginder   Ongoing   Board Member
Shawn Walsh   Ongoing   Board Member
Sheldon Watts   Ongoing   Board Member