Purpose: Enforce and observe state laws pertaining to preservation to health. Appoint professional employees, per specific qualifications required.

Authority: 55 ILCS 5/5‑25012

Contact: Stephanie Baskin

Phone #: (815) 740-8982

Fax #:

Email: sbaskin@willcountyhealth.org

Composition: State requirement establishes a 12 member Board of Health given our population, consisting of (2) county board members, (2) physicians, (1) dentist and (7) other members

Meeting Date/Time: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 3:00 pm Location: Will County Health Department in the Community Room 501 Ella Ave in Joliet

Compensation: none

Web Page: https://www.willcountyhealth.org/Administrative/Board-of-Health



Name  Term Ends  Position
Don Gould   6/1/21   Member
Dr. Edgar Ramos   6/1/21   Member
Scott Soderquist, DDS   6/1/21   Dentist
John Cicero   6/1/22   Member
Paul Hertzmann   6/1/22   Member
Dr. George Pitsilos   6/1/22   Physician
Nanci Reiland   6/1/22   Member
Dr. Gary Lipinski, MD   6/1/23   Physician
Teena Mackey   6/1/23   Member
Billie Terrell   6/1/23   Vice-President
Margaret Tyson   6/1/23   Member
Jim Zelko   7/1/23   President