Purpose: The purpose of the Advisory Board shall be to act in accordance with HUD Regulations at 24 CFR Part 570.501 to: establish, review, amend and recommend to the County Board for final approval, all Will County CDBG and HOME Program policies; to establish, review, amend and recommend to the County Board for final approval all locally generated program manuals; to act on requests for waiver of local policies; and to accept and review applications for funding assistance for the CDBG and HOME programs from eligible applications and to forward such waiver of policy requests and funding recommendations to the Will County Executive Committee for action by the full County Board; and to conduct all Public Hearings relating to the CDBG and HOME Programs as required.On April 16, 2009 to expand the purpose of the CDBG/HOME Advisory Board to include the establishment of funding policies associated with the allocation and expenditure of EECBG grant funds. Said funding policies may include the expenditure of EECBG funds for the purposes as described in the County's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy Document (EECS).

Authority: Will County Board Resolutions 81-237, 82-52, 82-77 & Will County Board Resolution 09-122

Contact: Martha Sojka

Phone #: (815) 774-7894

Fax #:

Email: msojka@willcountylanduse.com

Composition: Each County Board District which contains eligible sub-recipients for Federal CDBG Funding shall have representation on the Advisory Board in the form of either a District, a County Board or a Community Agency Representative on the Advisory Board. There shall be four County Board Representatives on the Advisory Board with such membership being occupied by the County Executive; County Board Speaker; Democratic Caucus Chair; Republican Caucus Chair. In addition to the District and County Representatives, the Advisory Board shall contain one such representative from a not for profit agency called the Community Agency Representative. The total membership of the Advisory Board therefore shall not exceed fifteen members. It is further stated that the goal of the membership composition is to include representatives from communities having minority concentration, low to moderate income communities/neighborhoods and members representing the protected classes under the Fair Housing Law.

Meeting Date/Time: As needed basis: Will County Office Building 302 N. Chicago St. Joliet, IL 60432The Advisory Board shall hold four regularly scheduled meetings each year, with the dates and times to be announced at least ten (10) days prior to meeting date. Special meetings may be called to transact Public Hearings or other special business. Members of the Advisory Board and the public shall have formal notice of all meetings at lest ten (10) days prior to the meeting date.The main business to be transacted during the four regularly scheduled meetings is as follows:March Approval of new CDBG Policy Manual, if policies have been amended;May Public Hearing & review of CDBG Applications;June Recommendation of CDBG and HOME program grant awards;December Public Hearing & review of Annual Performance Reports.

Compensation: None

Web Page: https://www.willcountyillinois.com/County-Offices/Economic-Development/Will-County-Land-Use-Department/Community-Development-Division/Grant-Administration



Name  Term Ends  Position
Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant   2024   Will County Executive, County Chair
Mary Alexander-Basta   2025   Village of Bolingbrook Mayor
Glenn "Michael" Crowner, Jr.   2025   Wheatland Township Supervisor
Donna Dettbarn   2025   Monee Township Supervisor
Ben Dietz   2025   City of Wilmington Mayor
Peter March   2025   Peotone Mayor
Michael Simelton   2025   Housing Authority of Joliet CEO
Kris White   2025   Will County Center for Community Concerns
Alex Zapien   2025   Lockport Township Supervisor
Steve Balich   2026   Will County Board, Republican Leader
Judy Ogalla   2026   Will County Board Chair
Jacqueline Traynere   2026   Will County Board, Democratic Leader
Terry D'Arcy   2027   City of Joliet Mayor