Purpose: It is the purpose of the Illinois Agricultural Areas Conservation and Protection Act to provide a means by which agricultural land may be protected and enhanced as a viable segment of the State's economy and as an economic and environmental resource of major importance.

Authority: 505 ILCS 5 / Illinois Agricultural Areas Conservation and Protection Act

Contact: Will County Development Services Division

Phone #: 815.740.8140

Fax #: 815.727.8638

Email: planning@willcountylanduse.com

Composition: Four (4) active farmers, no more than two of whom shall be of the same major political party, and a member of the county board.

Meeting Date/Time: TBD

Compensation: 505 ILCS 5/4. [...] Members shall serve without salary, but the county board may entitle each such member to reimbursement for his actual necessary expenses incurred in the performance of his official duties.

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Name  Term Ends  Position
VACANT   Ongoing   County Board Member
Stephen Quigley   Ongoing   Member
Larry Readman   Ongoing   Member
Ricardo Sanchez   Ongoing   Member
Morgan Snedden   Ongoing   Member