Will County Vector Data

This page lists most of our freely available data for you to download in ESRI shapefile format. If you are looking for data that are not on this list, please contact us. If you are having problems downloading any data you see here, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Base Map Layers

County Limits

Municipalities (County Clerk, January 2020)

Address Points (Updated bi-monthly)

Parcels (SOA, Summer 2020)

Streets (Updated bi-monthly)

Building Footprints (May 2020)

Railroads (April 2019)


Forest Preserves (FPDWC, April 2019)

Trails (FPDWC, April 2019)

Zoning (Unincorporated) (April 2019)

PLSS Section Boundary

PLSS Quarter Section Boundary


*The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is used as a frame of reference to describe property boundaries in Illinois.


Flood Zones (FEMA)

Hydrolines   (July 2016)

Hydropolys (July 2016)

Watersheds (NRCS USDA, March 2002)

Political Boundaries

Congressional (January 2011)

State Senate (January 2011)

State House of Representatives (January 2011)

Judicial (January 2011)

County Board (June 2011)

Taxing Districts