Will County Online Applications

Will County's online applications will help you visualize and explore the different locations and data in your community.

Micro Food Pantry Map

Micro Food Pantry Map

Cooling Centers

Map of cooling center locations

Will County Attractions

Things to do in Will County

Historic Landmarks

Historical Landmark GIS Application Viewer

School Locator

Will County School Locator Application

Food Access Map Series

Will County Food Access Map Series

Mental/Behavioral Health Facilities

Mental / Behavioral Health Facilities

County Facilities

Will County Facilities GIS Application Viewer

Opioid Overdose Map

Opioid Overdose Map

Micro Pantry Locator

Micro Pantry Map

Community Health

Community Health GiS Data Viewer Application

Narcan Saves Map

Will County Narcan Saves Map

Food Pantry Locator

Food Pantry Locator

Business Development

Business Development GIS Application Viewer

Medication Drop-Off

Will County Medication Drop-off Locator

Community Garden Map

Community Garden Map