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Will County participates in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Lighting Program
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Will County participates in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Lighting Program

Includes incentives for lighting and HVAC upgrades

For the last couple of years, Will County has been an active participant in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program which has yielded thousands of dollars in savings on energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades for the county. Most recently, the county upgraded the lighting in the parking lot at the Community Health Center and Sunny Hill Nursing Home, as well as the Jurors’ parking lot near the former county courthouse. The county also replaced a section of interior lighting fixtures in the nursing home and the air conditioning unit in the computer room of the county building.

A new program, the “Public Buildings in Distressed Communities”, offers public sector organizations energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, free of charge, and incentives to upgrade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The program is being offered to municipalities, school districts, counties, park district and was created to reduce energy and maintenance costs for public buildings. The Will County Adult Detention Facility qualified for this program to retrofit the interior lights which eliminated $16,000 in initial costs and will save more than $49,000 annually in electric supply costs.

“This is an amazing opportunity offered by ComEd and I am so happy the county was able to take advantage of this program,” said Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino Tarrant. “Switching to LED lighting is an effective, cost-saving strategy for the county, but sometimes the upfront costs can be prohibitive. This new program will benefit the county for many years to come.”

This program is available to other public sector organizations. More information about eligibility requirements and energy efficiency requirements is available on the website: https://www.comed.com/WaysToSave/ForYourBusiness/Pages/FactSheets/PublicBuildingsDistressed.aspx.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, which is funded in compliance with Illinois state law, offers assessments, rebates, discounts and recycling programs to help customers save money and teach wise energy use.
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