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Will County hosts successful tire collection event Nov. 9

Nearly 20,000 tires diverted from county landfill

The Resource Recovery and Energy Division of the Will County Land Use Department hosted an event on Sat. Nov. 9 at the Will County Fairgrounds to offer residents an easy way to dispose of unwanted tires.

“Our Land Use employees work hard to make it easy to recycle unwanted products,” said Will County Executive Larry Walsh, who oversees the department.

Nearly 20,000 tires, filling 17 semi-trailers, were collected and responsibly disposed.

“More than 280 residents and local farmers took advantage of this opportunity to get rid of old unwanted tires that have accumulated either through changing the tires or fly dumping,” said Tim Anderson, senior waste analyst for the Will County Land Use Department.

The last event held five years ago had a large participation which, in turn, prompted the county to host another collection event. The tires were collected by Treadstone Tire Recycling in Joliet to be repurposed in a variety of ways.

“We grind down the tires and create a rubber mulch that can be used in football and track turf, as well as playground turf,” said Brett Evans, manager of the Joliet location. “The steel from the tires can also be melted down and reused.”

Anderson reminded residents safe tire disposal also helps eliminate the spread of West Nile Virus. Improperly discarded tires can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes which are attracted to the water and organic materials that accumulate.

“Proper disposal of tires protects the public health and the environment,” Anderson said.

Added Evans, “We are proud to partner with tires shops across the county to collect unwanted tires can be recycled and reused. It is a great service to protect the environment.”

For more information about other services in the Resource Recovery and Energy Division of the Will County Land Use Department, visit the website: www.willcountygreen.org. For more information about Treadstone Tire Recycling, visit the website: www.treadstonetirerecycling.com.



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