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Flash Flood Warning Issued for Southwestern Will County
Matthew Libs

Flash Flood Warning Issued for Southwestern Will County

WILL COUNTY – The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Southwestern Will County, with an elevated risk of flooding along the Kankakee River. The Will County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is anticipating an imminent break-up of the Kankakee River ice jam, which will create increased flood conditions from the City of Wilmington to the Phalen Acres community.

“We're advising residents along the river to be aware of the increased flood conditions and to be prepared to rapidly take action, if necessary,” said Will County EMA Director Allison Anderson. “Will County EMA is deploying ice spotters to monitor conditions and is coordinating with local officials on a response if flooding occurs.”

The Flash Flood Warning was issued on Thursday, January 25 until 9:15 AM on Saturday, January 27. This follows water runoff from rapidly melting ice and the breakup of ice jams on the Kankakee River, which will lead to unpredictable water flow and a high probability of flooding in low-lying areas. 

A Flash Flood Warning means that rapid-onset of flooding is imminent, with an increased possibility of flooding to structures and roadways. Flash floods can occur rapidly and without warning. Residents in low-lying areas near the river should be prepared to evacuate with short notice. When directed to evacuate, never drive through flooded roads, move to higher ground, and call 9-1-1 if trapped in a building or vehicle.

“Please do not take unnecessary risks if surrounded by rising flood waters, either in your home or vehicle,” said Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant. “Call 911 immediately for assistance. All local emergency agencies are on alert and are working to safeguard residents in communities around the river.”

The Will County EMA will utilize a reverse-911 system if evacuation orders are issued. Residents can also receive real-time alerts from the Ready Will County phone application.

To receive real-time emergency alerts from Will County EMA, please visit www.willcountyema.org/signup.

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