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First Responders Across Will County Train on Active Threat Scenarios
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First Responders Across Will County Train on Active Threat Scenarios

Over the past few years the Will County Active Threat Task Force has been training local first responder agencies for active threat scenarios. This Task Force is made up of law enforcement, fire departments and emergency management agencies.

This group was initially developed in 2017 to ensure first responder agencies across Will County trained and practiced together.

“It is important to practice together so we are familiar with each other before a high stress event happens,” said Sheriff Mike Kelley. “The mission is clear, neutralize the threat and save lives at the same time. That’s why it is so important for law enforcement agencies and fire departments to work together during these times.”

The Will County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) was recently awarded a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) grant from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to support these and other training programs throughout the next year.

“The timing of this grant was perfect,” said EMA Director Harold Damron, “This group has been working diligently to ensure every first responder is trained appropriately and this will greatly boost these efforts.”

The training is being held the week of June 7 at Lincoln-Way North High School and will include more than 150 members of law enforcement, fire departments, 9-1-1 centers, and hospitals. Participants will have the opportunity for classroom training, as well as hands-on, scenario-based training opportunities.

“We know the important role of every first responder,” said County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant. “From the initial 9-1-1 call to the hospitals receiving patients in their emergency rooms, to have everyone trained and operating under the same guidelines is essential in these moments.”
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