Application for Reimbursement Instructions

Will County is accepting applications for costs incurred in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Please submit an application as soon as possible to receive your reimbursement funds. Additional guidance will be provided as the CARES Act program funding deadline of December 30 nears to ensure your district maximizes its funding allocation.

Two sets of training webinars were held that cover eligible expenses under the CRF program and the Will County reimbursement application process. The most recent training on September 18 focused on the reimbursement process for eligible payroll expenses. The trainings hosted on August 12 and 14 covered program background, eligible expenses under the CRF program, and the original application process. 

Download September 18 training slides (updated with new Payroll guidance) 
Watch the September 18 training webinar 

Download August 14 training slides
Watch the August 12 training webinar
Watch the August 14 training webinar

Application Instructions to School Districts

Funds will only be distributed to the school districts following submission of an application with the relevant supporting documents that satisfy all federal and Will County CARES Act regulations and guidance. 

Please download detailed instructions to submit an application here. 

Application Instructions

  1. Answer a series of background questions (entity name and type, FEIN, contact information, amount of request, type of reimbursement request, authorized signatory name, and title).
  2. Provide completed Summary of Reimbursements spreadsheet. Provide a description of activity in the Summary of Reimbursements spreadsheet that shows how the expense is related to COVID response and recovery and the amount spent.  If the first column which provides eligible activities does not include your activity, please insert a row at the bottom of the appropriate category and provide the description and amount. Download a copy of the Summary of Reimbursements spreadsheet here.
  3. Provide supporting documentation of the expenses as PDF documents. Use the number on the Summary of Reimbursements to link the activity with the PDF documentation. If there is more than one page of receipts and support, please provide a header page that uses the number on the “Summary of Reimbursements.”  It should be easy for a Will County representative to match PDF documents with the relevant row within the spreadsheet. 
  • It is important that the invoice or related documentation clearly displays that the expense was due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.  If the invoice/receipt does not provide clear evidence of this link, you can either add a note/explanation directly on the receipt or provide a summary of invoices with information on the COVID-19 link.

  • Invoice receipts should be clearly dated to show the cost was not incurred before March 1, 2020
  • Scanned and copies of receipts/invoices are permitted, but retain originals, as applicable.
  • For payroll costs, provide report(s) that indicate the person, the payroll period, the time spent working on COVID related projects, and the rate of pay including if the rate is straight time/overtime/hazard pay.  Provide the approved fringe benefit rate and the total requested reimbursement.
  • If more than $50,000 was spent on any activity, more detailed information will be required.  Please identify these costs but be aware additional direction on documentation will be provided.
  1. The Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer or equivalent executive with authority to certify, must sign the certification that the reimbursement application Coronavirus Relief Fund Acceptance Certification. The certification must be notarized. A PDF copy of the document should be submitted with the application. The fully executed and notarized certification should also be mailed to Will County. Download a copy of the Coronavirus Relief Fund Acceptance Certification.
  1. Copy of FEMA Public Assistance Program reimbursable expenses, if submitted.
  1. A completed copy of a W-9 is required for the initial application. Download a copy of a blank W-9.
  1. Those that would like to receive the reimbursement payment via an electronic ACH payment must also submit a completed Direct Deposit/ACH Form and a canceled check (PDF version). Download a copy of a Direct Depost/ACH Form.

Questions about the application can be sent to caresgov@willcountyillinois.com.

Local Government Application

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Reimbursement Request Information
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  • Select the type(s) of reimbursement. Select all that apply.
  • Please upload and submit all required forms – (1) Reimbursement Summary, (2) All supporting documentation, (3) Coronavirus Relief Fund Acceptance Certification, (4) W-9, (5) Direct Deposit/ACH Form (Optional - for electronic payment), (6) Cancelled check (Optional – for electronic payment).
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