Application Submission

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Applications with full supporting documentation should be submitted via the Will County website https://willcounty.gov/CARES-Act/Local-Government-Assistance
All local government entities must submit the following documents to receive reimbursement: A. Summary of Reimbursement spreadsheet filled out with all expenses and an accompanying narrative for each expense B. Supporting documents in PDF format for each expense being requested for reimbursement C. Signed and notarized copy of the CORONAVIRUS RELIEF FUND ACCEPTANCE CERTIFICATION. A scanned PDF copy must be submitted with the application online. The original must be sent to the county by mail. D. W-9 E. Will County Direct Deposit/ACH form if you wish to receive electronic ACH payment. F. Scanned copy of a cancelled check if you wish to receive electronic ACH payment. G. Copy of FEMA Public Assistance Program reimbursable expenses, if submitted.
Expenditure documentation should support all amounts requested for funding, and must include copies of receipts, invoices, budgets, contracts, timesheets, etc. The County will work with the applicant should there be questions about the types of documentation that may be required to substantiate funding.
Applications may be submitted for any expenditures incurred through August 1, 2020.

If by August 31, an entity has not provided an application for its remaining allocation, the County will consider re-allocating those funds for other purposes
The County will aim to communicate a decision to applicants within 10 business days after the application is submitted. The County generally expects to issue payments for approved funding requests within 5 business days of application approval.



Funds Allocations

Allocation notification letters were emailed to executive representatives by August 4, 2020.
Will County has assigned $33,145,000 to fund the COVID-19 Local Government Assistance Program for local government entities within the County. The amount was based on the County’s understanding of initial direct and operational COVID-19 response needs.

Allocations to local cities and villages were determined by a per capita allocation. Specifically, Will County is allocating $41.25 to each city and village based on the County’s most recent population data.

Allocations to all other local government entities such as townships, park districts, and fire districts, were allocated an equal amount based on the type of entity. The specific amounts were established based on a needs assessment survey for which 70+ local government entities responded and through conversations between Will County Board Members and local government representatives.
If a portion of a municipality lies within two counties, Will County will only allocate funds based on the portion of the population located within Will County.

FEMA Funding

Applying for FEMA funding is not required, but strongly recommended.
No. Entities should apply first for FEMA funding of any FEMA-eligible expenses. There is currently no ceiling on the amount of funding which FEMA will reimburse for COVID-19 related expenses, although FEMA has separate eligibility requirements. Use of CRF funding can address local cost share requirements of FEMA and related grants. In other words, FEMA will reimburse up to 75% of eligible expenses; CRF can be applied to the remaining 25% local match.

It is recommended that those looking to apply for FEMA funding consult the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

Eligible Expenses

Will County will reimburse eligible municipalities for COVID-19-related expenditures consistent with Federal Treasury CRF Eligibility guidelines. The United States Treasury continues to refine its eligibility guidelines and FAQs applicable to the CRF; those guidelines and FAQs can be found here: https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/cares/state-and-local-governments. The Federal Treasury CRF Eligibility guidelines are subject to review and revision and should be periodically reviewed by the municipal applicant for compliance.
Yes. Consolidation of expenditures into a single application is strongly encouraged for administrative efficiency but a local government may submit as many funding request applications as needed up to its allocation.
Local governments should submit applications only for expenditures not yet applied for in a previous application submitted to the County or submitted for reimbursement from any other source.

Reporting Requirements

All recipients are subject to audit and additional documentation must be provided upon request. Will County reserves the right to conduct an audit of local government CRF reimbursements for consistency with U.S. Department of the Treasury Guidelines (found here: Federal Treasury Site with CRF Guidance).
Coronavirus Relief Funding should be tracked through December 30, 2020.