Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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› Respond or dispatch Deputy Coroner to death scene
› Collect toxicological samples and submit for analysis
› Make death notification to next-of-kin
› Coordinate and facilitate organ donation
› Determine necessity for autopsy
› Facilitate autopsy process
› Coordinate transport of deceased from death scene
› Conduct death investigations when necessary
› Schedule and conduct inquests
› Summon jury from Jury Commission for Inquests
› Issue Temporary Death Certificates
› Issue Permanent Death Certificates
› Facilitate burial of indigent
› Issue Cremation Permits
› Maintain records of all deaths reported
› Maintain permanent records of all inquested cases
› Maintain vital statistics related to all cases reported
› Take charge of personal property of a deceased person until it can be released
› Maintain roster for volunteer
› Disaster Deputy Coroners
› Be prepared for any disaster situation


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