Willcountygreen.com (Prescription map of drop-off locations)

Medication should NEVER be discarded down the drain. Any unused, expired and unwanted medication is a health and safety risk, as well as a potential threat to waterways.  Do not store unused medications in your home, making them available to others who are searching for medications because of a substance use disorder.

This rule provides three voluntary options for ultimate user disposal: (1) Take-back events, (2) mailback programs, and (3) collection receptacles. Individuals lawfully entitled to dispose of an ultimate user decedent’s property are authorized to dispose of the ultimate user’s pharmaceutical controlled substances by utilizing any of the three disposal options. Although the three methods of disposal allowed by this rule seek to help protect the environment and prevent controlled substances from being diverted to illicit uses, this rule does not prohibit ultimate users from using existing lawful methods.


Will County Medication Drop-off Sites