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Coroner Letterhead

In order to make hospice investigations less complicated and as easy as possible for families of terminally ill patients, the Will County Coroner's Office, in cooperation with Hospice Associations, has put into place the following procedures:


  1. Any and all terminally ill patients who are enrolled with a hospice program are urged to register with the Coroner's Office in order to prevent complications that6 may occur at the time of death.


  1. A pre-registration form shall be completed, containing the following information: the patient's name, address, age, date of birth, social security number, next of kin, diagnosis, physician, medications, etc. (attached).  This form can be faxed to 815.727.8816 or e-mail to  These forms shall be sent to the Will County Coroner's Office within 24 hours of registration.


  1. Be certain to notify the Coroner if the terminal diagnosis is due to any falls, injuries, trauma, overdoses, etc.  There is a box on the pre-registration form that must be completed for any of these diagnoses.


  1. A postmortem form shall be completed includ8ing the date and time of death and/or any changes of the subject's status since pre-registration (attached).  This form can be faxed to 815.727.8816 or e-mail to  The postmortem reporting from shall be senst to the Will County Coroner's Office within 24 hours of the death.


  1. The pre-registration and postmortem reporting forms fulfill the law that the County Coroner be notified in the case of all home deaths.
  2. The Coroner's Office should be notified if the patient moves out of Will County, changes physicians, changes hospice programs, or elects to terminate hospice benefits.

  3. When in doubt or any questions arises please do not hesitate to contact the Coroner's Office at 815.727.8455.