Commercial / Industrial Permit & Process Component Application

Commercial & Industrial Permits:

  • Commercial/Industrial Permit & Process Component Permit
  • Cellular Equipment Upgrade Permit
  • Wireless Telecommunication Permit
  • Sign Permit 

Will County Land Use Permit Application

  • Three copies of Building/Structural Plans
  • At least two(2) copies to be sealed by Illinois Architect/Structural Engineer
  • All Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing plans to be sealed by an Illinois Architect/Structural Engineer.
  • Letter of intent from Electrician and/or Plumber.(written approval on Contractor letterhead, with original signature)
  • Approval from Fire Department, Health Department, Highway Authority. (approval on Agency letterhead)
  • Site Grading Plan(including legal description) stamped and signed by an Illinois Registered Professional Engineer.
  • A general site plan checklist is included in the application document.

NOTE: not all process component permits need a signed & sealed site grading plan.Fees are associated with this permit. Our office accepts cash, check or credit card: