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State's Attorney Jim Glaslow

Jim Glasgow, Will County State's Attorney

Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow has a long and distinguished career during which he has implemented groundbreaking initiatives to investigate, prosecute and prevent crime.

As a prosecutor and a lifelong resident of Joliet, State’s Attorney Glasgow is committed to making Will County the safest place to live, work and raise our families.

Under his direction, the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office maintains a felony conviction rate that is 15 points higher than the state average and consistently leads the conviction rates in every other major county in Northern Illinois.

Over his long career, State’s Attorney Glasgow:

Battling Street Gangs and Illegal Drugs

  • Authored a groundbreaking synthetic marijuana ban to keep this dangerous poison off our store shelves and away from our children.
  • Leads the fight with HERO/HELPS to warn parents, educators and teens about the deadly dangers of using heroin. He also works with police to aggressively prosecute heroin dealers, and he works with government leaders to grapple with heroin as a public health crisis.
  • Spearheaded the creation of the Will County Drug Court, which has helped nearly 400 non-violent offenders kick their addictions and return to society as productive citizens.
  • Opened the first Recovery Homes through Drug Court to assist men and women who are nearing the completion of this intensive program.
  • Formed Will County’s first Gang Prosecution Unit and organized gang sweeps that reduced local gang shootings dramatically in the 1990s and were featured on Peter Jennings’ World News Tonight.

Fighting Domestic Violence At Every Level

  • Successfully prosecuted Drew Peterson for the murder of his third wife in a landmark case that attracted international attention.
  • Successfully prosecuted Christopher Vaughn for the murder of his wife and three children.
  • Passed tough new domestic violence laws to protect women and children and punish the most violent abusers.  These initiatives include Rebecca’s Law, which raises the penalties for abusers who torture their victims, and a new law that increases prison terms for repeat offenders.
  • Formed a highly specialized Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit consisting of attorneys and advocates who give women the support they need to follow through with the prosecution of their abusers.
  • Created the Victim Independence Program that provides women the services necessary to break the cycle of violence and establish their independence.
  • Obtained more than $2 million in federal funding to enable prosecutors, police and advocates to battle domestic violence on the streets and in the courts.
  • Pioneered Will County’s first Specialized Domestic Violence Court, which mandated abuser counseling to break the destructive cycle of violence.
  • Established Will County’s first comprehensive Domestic Violence Protocol to be used by police officers who investigate these difficult crimes.
  • Supports the annual Take Back the Night vigils in Will County to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

Safeguarding Children

  • Established the Will County Children’s Advocacy Center in 1995to stop child sexual predators in their tracks. The Center has been instrumental in the successful prosecution of literally thousands of child predators over the last 22 years.
  • Created the Paws 4 Kids pet therapy program to comfort sexually abused children who visit the Children’s Advocacy Center to provide statements that are used to convict predators.
  • Established a High Technology Crimes Unit based in the State’s Attorney’s Office to investigate and prosecute predators who trade and view child pornography over the Internet.
  • Reaches out to students and youth groups throughout the region to talk about Internet safety, cyberbullying, gang prevention, drug and alcohol abuse and character education.
  • Authored several Gang Awareness and Prevention books, one of which was called “the primary primer on gangs” by the Chicago Tribune.

Protecting Senior Citizens

  • Formed a Financial Crimes Prosecution Unit to assist those who are the victims of financial exploitation, theft, identity theft or loan fraud with an emphasis on protecting senior citizens.
  • Secured an 8-year sentence for a public official who raided the bank accounts of an elderly citizen he had befriended and then used $200,000 of her money to fund his personal business, buy a luxury vehicle and pay for personal home repairs.
  • Meets regularly with senior citizen groups to educate them about financial scams, identity theft and other important safety issues.

Reaching Out To Veterans

  • Established a Veterans Court to provide critical counseling and treatment to those who served our Nation and struggle with mental health and substance abuse disorders.
  • Purchased a new, ADA-accessible shuttle bus for use by the Veterans Assistance Commission of Will County to transport local veterans from Joliet to Hines VA Hospital where they receive necessary medical services. State’s Attorney Glasgow purchased the shuttle bus using money forfeited to the state by criminals.

Helping Local Businesses

  • Collected more than $2 million for local businesses – from the smallest local shop to some of the largest national retailers that operate locally – through the State’s Attorney’s Bad Check Restitution Program.
  • Aggressively prosecutes retail theft and other business-related crimes.

Other Important Initiatives

  • Established the Adult Redeploy Court to help non-violent offenders avoid criminal convictions so they can become gainfully employed.
  • Established a Mental Health Court to address criminal cases that are complicated by defendants who suffer from mental illness.
  • Wrote an Animal Torture Statute, which created the first felony charge in Illinois for the abuse and torture of animals.
  • Formed a Crime Prevention Bureau that travels the county to educate citizens about gang violence, financial scams, Internet safety and drug abuse prevention.
  • Hosts regular community blood drives at the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office to ensure that the local blood supply is replenished. 

State’s Attorney Glasgow received his Juris Doctor from Northern Illinois Law School in DeKalb, Illinois. He has been practicing law since 1981. He and his wife, Gina, are the proud parents of five children: four sons and a daughter. He is serving his sixth term as Will County’s elected state’s attorney.